A helping hand **for the world’s oceans**

SeaProtectorOne is the green solution that our oceans need. Up to 100% of waste, including a large amount of plastic, can be captured before it flows into the world's oceans, which are currently facing a gigantic pollution crisis. We must act now if we are to save the ecosystems of the world's oceans. That is where SeaProtectorOne comes into the picture.

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Less plastic in our oceans

Our oceans urgently need help. Plastic and other waste are destroying our ecosystems, and the consequences are far-reaching. Targeted, tangible initiatives to halt the ongoing crisis are not just necessary – they are the only option.

All In On Green was established to reduce the amount of waste that is being discharged into the oceans. In collaboration with experts and engineers, we have developed the SeaProtectorOne system, which captures up to 100% of the waste in rivers and streams – including a large amount of plastic – without harming any nature or wildlife in the vicinity. The system is 100% automated, can be run on green energy and requires minimal monitoring and maintenance.

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100% automated

Powered by solar cells, SeaProtectorOne carries out all tasks automatically. It reads the water level via sensors and adapts automatically. The sensors also detect when the system is full and will then empty it automatically.

Flexible modular solutions

With a maximum span of around 40 metres, SeaProtectorOne can be installed anywhere: streams, rivers or canals. The system is comprised of modules, making it easy to adapt to the individual location as well as to transport and assemble.

Looks after nature

In every respect, SeaProtectorOne is designed to help nature rather than harm it. Fish, amphibians and other animals cannot get caught in SeaProtectorOne, but can get under the system or through its grilles.

Aarhus takes responsibility

63,000 fewer bits of waste in Aarhus River

Aarhus River flows into the city centre from its green suburbs, before reaching Aarhus Bay and then the Kattegat. It can be difficult to appreciate the amount of waste in the river due to the dark water and the large area that the river covers, and it also came as a surprise to Aarhus Municipality.

Fortunately, Aarhus Municipality made the decision to install SeaProtectorOne, which in the first year alone prevented 63,000 bits of waste from entering our sea! It will continue this rescue operation for the next five years, as Aarhus Municipality has chosen to extend the agreement. Read more about the system in Aarhus River here.

Case: Aarhus Municipality
Since I became involved in the work with marine plastic pollution in 2007, SeaProtectorOne is the best prospect of an effective method for collecting plastic and reducing marine plastic pollution that I have seen. The new design thinking, with a focus on efficiency, flexibility in terms of location, scalability in terms of size, automation and the measures taken to avoid adverse effects on wildlife in rivers, makes the solution a potential game-changer.
We take responsibility

A helping hand for the world’s oceans

90% of all seabirds have plastic in their stomachs. That statistic is almost incomprehensible. It demands that we humans take far greater responsibility for our waste than we have done so far. At All In On Green, we are an experienced team drawing on our range of expertise and skills to develop technology to reduce plastic pollution in the world's oceans. We collaborate across industries and test our technology so that we can always find the best and most environmentally friendly solution to the pollution disaster we are facing now and will face in the future. Our mission is simple: To stop the misery that waste in our oceans is causing animals, nature and humans.

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