If the ecosystems of our oceans are to survive, we must act now. Fortunately, the solution is within reach. Meet SeaProtectorOne – an intelligent mechanical arm that captures floating plastic and other waste before it reaches the oceans and does any harm.

What is SeaProtectorOne?

Efficient and gentle waste capture system

SeaProtectorOne is a modular system that efficiently and gently captures waste in streams and rivers. Via a mechanical arm with a filter unit, SeaProtectorOne captures waste in the water and transports it safely to a container on land. The fully automated system can assess and act on changing water and weather conditions, empty its filter and move its arm out of the way to allow water traffic to pass by. All that the system requires is for the equipment to be inspected and the container on land to be emptied when it is full.

Developed and tested by engineers and experts in green solutions, SeaProtectorOne is designed to be a key player in reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans, rivers and streams. In independent tests, the system captured 97% of plastic bottles and cans and 100% of plastic bags, as well as disposable cups, all of which would otherwise have been discharged into our oceans.

This is how SeaProtectorOne works

Complex problems require intelligent solutions

If we are to tackle the problem of pollution once and for all, it is vital that everyone who is willing and able lends a helping hand to the world's oceans. Simplicity and accessibility have therefore been watchwords in the development of SeaProtectorOne from the outset. The system can therefore be installed virtually anywhere and is easily adapted to the individual location with its simple modular construction.

SeaProtectorOne has been designed and developed to work optimally in streams and rivers with varying conditions and with people passing through on the water. The horizontal arm can extend to around 40 metres and automatically adapts to the water level and weather conditions via intelligent sensors. The same technology also allows the system to detect if the arm needs to move to the safety position so that anyone on the water can pass by or if the weather is rough.

Facts and results

100 %

of plastic bottles and cans are captured*

85 %

of macroplastics are expected to be captured*

+40 m

is the reach of the system's filter unit

24 / 7

automated operation

100 %

universally available spare parts

* Results and conclusions from testing of SeaProtectorOne by Artlinco. Read the full reporthere.

We take responsibility


90% of all seabirds have plastic in their stomachs. That statistic is almost incomprehensible. It demands that we humans take far greater responsibility for our waste than we have done so far. At All In On Green, we are an experienced team drawing on our range of expertise and skills to develop technology to reduce plastic pollution in the world's oceans. We collaborate across industries and test our technology so that we can always find the best and most environmentally friendly solution to the pollution disaster we are facing now and will face in the future. Our mission is simple: To stop the misery that waste in our oceans is causing animals, nature and humans.

Our mission
Since I became involved in the work with marine plastic pollution in 2007, SeaProtectorOne is the best prospect of an effective method for collecting plastic and reducing marine plastic pollution that I have seen. The new design thinking, with a focus on efficiency, flexibility in terms of location, scalability in terms of size, automation and the measures taken to avoid adverse effects on wildlife in rivers, makes the solution a potential game-changer.
Peter Grønkjær, Associate Professor, Aquatic Biology, Aarhus University
100% automated

Powered by solar cells, SeaProtectorOne carries out all tasks automatically. It reads the water level via sensors and adapts automatically. The sensors also detect when the system is full and will then empty it automatically.

Flexible modular solutions

With a maximum span of around 40 metres, SeaProtectorOne can be installed anywhere: streams, rivers or canals. The system is comprised of modules, making it easy to adapt to the individual location as well as to transport and assemble.

Looks after nature

In every respect, SeaProtectorOne is designed to help nature rather than harm it. Fish, amphibians and other animals cannot get caught in SeaProtectorOne, but can get under the system or through its grilles.

Become part of the solution

The world's oceans need our help. Contact us and help turn words into action. We have a solution and we are ready to present it and answer any questions – big or small.
If you want to know more about what SeaProtectorOne can do for you, get in touch and we will be happy to get back to you.

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